Agincourt Books

Agincourt Press aims to publish books that recognize the incipient nature of any meaningful and productive thought. A book published by us is an idea in the making. Undaunted by the necessarily provisional quality of thinking, we do not seek to endorse pieties. Viresque acquirit eundo: we too will pick up strength as we go. Savoring a process that entwines critical and poetic language, our books seek to instigate a political awareness unfettered by the constraints of unalterable premises or unreflectively accepted values. The success of our enterprise will not be measured by the amplitude of the assent it may receive but the liveliness of the discourse we hope to engender.

On the Fringe of the Neoavantgarde

Savage Words: Invectives as a Literary Genre

Erik Porge
Truth and Knowledge in the Clinic: Working with Freud and Lacan

Gérard Haddad
Eating the Book: Dietary Rites and Paternal Function
Paul Vangelisti
The Embarassment of Survival: Selected Poems, 1970-2000
Robert Crosson
The Day Sam Goldwyn Stepped off the Train
Standard Schaefer
Water and Power
Elio Pagliarani
The Girl Carla and Other Poems
Remo Bodei
We, the Divided: Ethos, Politics and Culture in Post-war Italy, 1943-2006
Maurizio Cucchi
The Missing
Like Doves Summoned by Desire: Dante’s New Life in 20th Century Literature and Cinema

Being Human: The Technological Extensions of the Body


Betty Bernardo Fuks
Freud and the Invention of Jewishness

Adriano Spatola
The Porthole

Paola Mieli
Figures of Space: Subject, Body, Place
                                                              Alfredo Giuliani
I Novissimi. Poetry for the Sixties