Eating the Book: Dietary Rites and Paternal Function
Gérard Haddad
Translated by David Jacobsen

Pub date 11/1/2013
Paperback 195 pp.
ISBN: 978-0-981-63305-3
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Pub date 8/28/2017
Kindle eBook 1594 KB
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Eating the Book revolves around the Freudian notion of the primitive father, cannibalistically devoured by his children. Wittingly reminding his readers that Freud is in the know even when he makes “mistakes,” Haddad shows how a thoroughly dynamic and radically new appraisal of the entire conundrum can be achieved by following a surprising and hither-to untrodden path.

Gérard Haddad was born in Tunis in 1940 and lives in Paris where he is a practicing psychoanalyst. He holds a degree in agronomy and has conducted extensive research on rice cultivation in Senegal. At 29 he met Jacques Lacan. Analytical work led him to discover the essential role religion plays in the life of the psyche. This is indeed the subject of many of his books, including: L’Enfant illegitime: Sources talmudiques de la psychanalyse (1981) and Les Folies millenaristes (2002).