Figures of Space:
Subject, Body, Place
Paola Mieli
Translated by Jacques Houis

Pub date 2/1/2017
Paperback 254 pp.
ISBN: 978-1-946-32801-4
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Pub date 9/24/2017
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Figures of Space explores the implications of Freud’s assertion that the “psyche is extended,” and gives a novel approach to the understanding of the subject’s relation to the world. In Mieli’s words, the subjective landscape is, given its origins, intrinsically libidinized. Topics range from humor, defined as the “making of space where there is none”, to angst, phobia and the uncanny, from sexual difference to hatred. Diverse examples are drawn from art, literature and cinema, including the works of Poe, Melville, Pontormo, Marina Abramovich, Otto Wagner, Charlie Chaplin and Philippe Petit. Translated from the French by Jacques Houis.